4 Travel Destinations You Should Visit Right Now!

Destinations You Should Visit Right Now

We know that many of you TiCsters love to travel and so do we! Our common passion for traveling is actually one of the reasons why we created TiC. One card that you can use wherever you are in the world without any complications! This makes travelling the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all that TiC has to offer as we believe in making your lifestyle work for you!

Today we have compiled a list of travel destinations you should visit now, because sadly there is a big chance that those places will soon disappear or change completely. So get your planner ready and start planning your next adventure with TiC!

The Travel Destinations:

The Maldives

Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches and water bungalows, the Maldives truly is “a paradise on earth”. Considered as the lowest-lying country in the world, these islands are vulnerable to rising sea levels. If you have had this travel destination on your bucket-list for a while, now is the time to visit and experience this paradisiac destination! 


When we think of Venice, we think of the canals that run throughout the city, romantic gondola rides, and historic monuments around every corner. This medieval city is perfect for those city lovers who want to experience its rich architectural history and the world-famous Italian cuisine.

The Great Barrier Reef

As the largest coral reef in the world, its turquoise waters are home to thousands of unique fish varieties. Sadly, due to global warming and coral bleaching, this natural world wonder is under the threat of disappearing. Therefore, now is the perfect time for all nature and scuba diving lovers to explore this natural paradise.


Known as the island of ice and fire, its unique landscape is home to waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and the famous Blue Lagoon. Iceland is sure to have something for everyone, whether you are an adventure seeker or prefer to explore the Icelandic culture. Summer is the best time to visit Iceland.

Which travel destinations would you love to visit? Let us know in the comments!

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