How mobile banking can save you time & money

How mobile banking can save you time & money

We are sure many of you have already heard that mobile and neo banks like TiC are the future of banking. Today we are going to explore more the different benefits of how having a TiC mobile bank account can make your life easier and save you time and money in the long run.  

Lost your card? Get a new one in minutes!

Nothing ruins a good Friday night out more than losing your card. If you are lucky, then the best scenario is that all you need to do is close your old card and order a new one, but your money is safe. However, even that can take time – calling your bank, managing the whole process and then waiting up to two weeks for your new card. Who needs that after all you wanted to do, was to have a little fun? Not you and not with TiC! Deactivating your card and ordering a new card takes just a matter of seconds in the TiC app. Also, if you are truly lucky and find your card after all, then you can always activate the deactivated card and continue with your everyday banking.  

How to not overspend?

A great way of saving money is setting limits and creating a budget for your expenditure. However, that same fun Friday night can sometimes tear a hole in your budget even when you are spending within your limits. With TiC, you can set limits not only for the long run but also in the short run for just one night to make sure you can wake up the next morning with no guilty feeling over how much you spent.

No Paperwork, no bureaucracy

Forget about endless paperwork and standing in a queue behind your bank door. With TiC, you can manage absolutely everything from your smartphone, without any time-consuming bureaucracy or going to the bank to make even the smallest changes to your bank settings. You will always be in control and decide how, when and where you manage all of your banking needs.   For another money saving hack that you can use with your TiC Digital VISA Card, check this blog post and outsmart all the monthly subscription services like Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, etc.  

What is your favourite feature about TiC? Let us know in the comments down below!

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