Who We Are

TiC is no ordinary banking service. Say goodbye to the days of long queues and tedious paperwork. TiC is the ultimate app to manage spending instantly and safely. 

Born in the North of Europe, TiC is a fintech company with a goal to make banking easy, instantly accessible and adapted to your lifestyle. No tricks no hassles.

How We Do It

Crafted with easy banking at the crux of it, we offer three completely customizable account types to assure you get the most out of your money. We aim to take the anxiety out of bank-xiety, because everyone deserves financial stability.

Your card, your control. Start managing your spending today!

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Happy woman on yacht that uses TiC app to manage your spending

Spend your money twice

Move yourself to the next level to achieve your financial goals.
Collect TiC tokens and select rewards adapted to what really matters to you.

Screenshots of TiC app to manage your spending

“After years of mindless spending I finally have all my finances under control thanks to TiC! Spending money has never been as rewarding, since instead of only getting what I paid for, I also gather TiC Tokens that I can later exchange for truly unique lifestyle rewards!”


“I love using my TiC card when I am out and about! Everything is logged in one place and I earn TiC Tokens for every € I spend!”


“Me and my friends have been using TiC for some time and we love how easy it has made it to split the bill by instantly sending and request money to our TiC accounts!”