Can you earn as you spend? Introducing TiC tokens

With TiC tokens, the more you spend, the more reward you get

Picture the scene – you do groceries, pay for your bills, go to the restaurant… And for each purchase you make, you collect TiC tokens that you can exchange for cool rewards. 🎁

Many of you have been waiting for this and now the day has come – start earning as you spend with your TiC account.

TiC Life is all about making your spending rewarding and fun compared to traditional banks.

How can I start collecting tokens? 😎

➯ TiC tokens are available to customers with any subscription (yes, even the free one).

  • To get started, first you need to order your VISA card.
  • Open the app and go to My Cards > Order Payment Card > Confirm.
  • Once you receive your card at home, don’t forget to activate it.
  • To do so, open the app and go to My Cards > Tap on your physical card > Activate Card.
  • Be sure to tag us in a story when it arrives.

That’s pretty much it! From now on, every time you’ll use your card, you will automatically collect TiC tokens. ✨

➯ Once you have enough TiC tokens on your account, you can exchange them for lifestyle rewards, accessories, experiences, and much more!

⏰ Hurry up! For a limited time, all early birds who join the TiC app now will get more TiC tokens for their purchases than the ones who onboard later along the way. 

How can I maximize the amount of tokens I earn? 🧐

Remember when we said that you can collect TiC tokens with any subscription?

Depending on the plan you choose, the amount of tokens you collect will vary.

➯ With our Life account, you’ll earn 0,5 tokens per euro spent, while the Exclusive and Superior plans allow you to collect 1 and 1,5 tokens per euro spent.

Table showing TiC tokens based on subscription plan or package

Little bonus 😉

We are giving away 250 tokens to a lucky one who has invited their friends to join TiC!

To participate, simply open the app and go to Invite a friend on the dashboard.

➯ The more friends you successfully invite on the app, the more likely you are to win the 250 tokens. The winner will be selected at the end of each month.


Forget everything you know about banking.

Open an account in minutes and start earning as you spend.

Services available in +26 countries.

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