TiC Is for Influencers

TiC is for Influencers

Did you know TiC is a bank for influencers? But first, let’s take a step back as to what an influencer really is. An influencer is an individual or thing that inspire others.  A micro-influencer focuses on a particular niche and are usually considered experts in the industry they specialise in, they also have a much liked minded audience and interact more with their followers.  In the age of social media, they do more than just that.

Being an influencer/micro-influencer used to be limited to only celebrities, critics and dedicated bloggers, but today they have become cyber superstars in their wright, the rise of this was specially brought on by the social media networks.

How influencers impact society

A social media influencer is a mainstream, influential person in social media networks, who promote products and services of a brand. You can also delineate social media influencer as a person who works in a certain industry and collaborates with followers. It is also an individual who can impact a person’s purchases because of his/her authority or association with target consumers. TiC is accepted worldwide so each time you spend on anything you acquire points!

TiC Travel simplifying your life

TiC is the bank for Influencers and here’s why. Most influencers travel very frequently or do local tourism in their area, with TiC Travel you will be able to make these trips very stress-free as well as more efficiently, we have it all as a one-stop for all, from hotel rates to flights and more with bookings. This saves you hours of looking in multiple places with no adequate results getting a separate account for bookings and other banking matters is impossible with traditional banking, TiC enables you to do all that in just five minutes. With TiC Travel all your spontaneous travel plans are possible at your fingertips.

TiC has it all!

Influencers are pretty much their own bosses and young, they set up the rates to be paid per post or video for collaborations and more, and sometimes when it comes to the payment process for jobs they have done for brands/enterprises this can be a long a tedious process. That’s where TiC comes in to save the day no matter if you are a micro-influencer or a top-notch influencer, we offer immediate bank transfers and with TiC you have the power at your fingertips controlling your banking matters, we also help you save money and reward you in lifestyle points each time you spend.

Are you ready for a life with endless possibilities and adventures? Contact us or just comment below and share our experience with us.

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