5 reasons you should have a virtual credit card

5 reasons you should have a virtual credit card

With the digital era in full bloom, virtual credit cards have become more and more popular for the modern day bank users. Today, we are looking into different perks of virtual credit cards and will also share a money saving hack at the end of the post. 

What exactly is a virtual Credit Card?

A Virtual Credit Card (vcc) is nothing else than a credit card number. Unlike physical credit cards, it doesn’t have your name, expiry date and the cvs code. Therefore, it’s much more secure, because it can never be traced back to you. Also, unlike physical cards, they can never be duplicated.

Why should you have a virtual credit card?
  1. Convenient & easy to use – In just a couple of taps in your smartphone or a wave at the checkout terminal you can complete a transaction.
  2. One less thing to carry around – It might seem a little bit exaggerated, since a credit card doesn’t take much room. But if you are a woman carrying a bag with half of your life in it, you surely know what it feels like to search for a small card in your bag. Especially when you have a cue behind you…
  3. Higher security – Unlike your wallet, your phone can be much more guarded from the pickpockets if you have the right controls on.  Also, virtual cards can never be duplicated like physical cards can be.
  4. Set your own limits. Virtual credit cards are an excellent choice for controlling your expenditure, since you can control how much is spent with the card. Moreover, they are valid for a specific period of time.
  5. Quick and easy to order – Ordering a physical card can take from a couple of days up to weeks to arrive at your doorsteps. However, a virtual card arrives immediately, after you have made your purchase.
How to not get fooled by monthly subscriptions?

We all know those monthly subscription fees that are free for some months, but after your trial period is over, they start to charge a lot more from your account. Think Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, MyFitnesspal, etc. Here’s a money saving hack for you:

Deposit as much money as you need in order to buy the discounted subscription to one of your digital cards, but not a cent more. Most likely, when it’s time to start paying more you don’t remember about the deal anymore. Which makes it a perfect chance for the company to start charging the full fee without you noticing. However, if there is no more money on your card they simply can not charge more and you will be reminded by your subscription. Whether you want to keep using it or not, is up to you now. You can always deposit more money to your card or simply use it for other purposes.

Now you should have more than enough reasons to order your TiC virtual card as soon as they are available! So stay tuned, because you will be able to order your TiC card in just a matter of weeks.

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