Next Generation Banking

Next Generation Banking

The banking world is evolving quickly and moving towards online platforms to fit the modern life. Every day, more and more people prefer having essential services just a couple of clicks away. Banks are not an exception. Far gone are the days of waiting long lines at the bank to be approved for a loan or paying high fees for every (trans)action you want to do on your account.

The future is Neo-banking– a bank that works exclusively online. Neo-banking is a form of fintech that has many benefits for the modern day users. Here are a few things next generation banking can do for you:

Open your account in a matter of minutes

Opening your account has never been easier. Instead of going into a physical bank, your account can be quickly set up and ready to use by simply creating a profile on the banks’ app or web. With TiC all you need to setup your account is a passport or an ID number, your phone number and 5 minutes later you can start using the TiC app.

Innovative banking solutions and services

Sending money requests and quick transfers are just a few of the services you can expect from a digital bank. Innovative solutions that enables you to transfer money instantly to friends and family and manage your finances where ever you are in the world. The convenience of having your banking services just a click away allows you to be in charge.

More flexibility than traditional banks

No more endless bureaucracy and short opening hours. With a digital bank, you have the convenience of having your financial services in the palm of your hand, allowing you to be in control of your banking experience and manage your finances on the go.

TiC is here to revolutionize the modern day bank experience. A mobile banking service that rewards you with lifestyle points for every cent you spend! We have created a service that is customized to your lifestyle and gives you more for your money, while allowing you to be in charge of how you spend your money to help you achieve your dreams.

Next-generation banking is quickly taking over the banking world, providing more flexibility, convenience and innovative services that are adapted to the needs of the modern society. TiC gives you all of this and more. Check out everything TiC has to offer and set up your account today to start living the TiC life!

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