Step 1

Open your TiC app in your smartphone.

step 1
Step 2

Insert your phone number, your personal promo code, tick the box to accept the terms and tap “Continue”.

step 2
Step 3

Insert the verification code that was sent to you via SMS.

step 3
Step 4

Fill in your personal information and tap “Continue”.

step 4
Step 5

Fill in all the fields and tap “Continue”.

step 5
Step 6

Choose your occupation and tap “Finish”.

step 6
Step 7

Create your 4-digit PIN code and tap “Save”.

step 7
Step 8

Enter your PIN code once more to confirm your PIN.

step 8
Step 9

You are done with updating your profile, tap “Continue” to proceed with the process.

step 9
Step 10

Read the instructions of how to take a picture of your ID card or passport, confirm by ticking the box and tap “Ready”.

step 10
Step 11

Choose either ID card or passport, depending on which identification document you want to use, tick the box to agree with the privacy policy and tap “Save”.

step 11
Step 12

Start by taking a picture of the front side of your document. Once done successfully, move on to taking a picture of the back side.

step 12
Step 13

When both sides are done, tick the box of privacy policy and tap “Save.”

step 13
Step 14

Next step, take a selfie.

step 14
Step 15

Upload your selfie and tap “Save”.

step 15
Step 16

Your Identification process is completed, tap “Continue”.

step 9
Step 17

It will take some time to verify your information. You can keep track of your process on the page “Identification” in your TiC app.

step 17
Step 18

Once your identity is verified, you will receive a notification and can start using your account.

step 18