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Experience the Future of Banking

One business account to simplify your life

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    VISA cards for your company and for your employees
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    Easily pay invoices and make transfers
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    Global ATM withdrawals without extra fees *
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    Fast onboarding process in less than 10 minutes
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    Simplify your company declarations

Business Management Module

With our automized process we let you focus on your core business while taking care of all your finances and accounting on one platform.

Enjoy the easiness of sending and paying invoices directly, without having to worry about reporting everything at the end of the month. Our unlimited account history and transaction statements allow you to keep track of your finances with just one click!

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Cards for you and your employees

Keep an eye on all of your company expenses by creating and managing virtual and physical VISA or Mastercard for your company as well as your employees. Having everything under one account, makes reporting as simple as one click and done.


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All your finances in one place

You can sleep tight, knowing that your money is always protected and every financial action recorded.
We are always there for you with our 24/7 customer support. Just because the work day is over, doesn’t mean that your money needs to stop rolling.
We do our best to meet your business’s specific needs and that’s why we customize your account to meet your needs.
TiC business saves you time and money, with no hidden fees and having everything under one account.