The Evolution of Traditional Banking

  Traditional banking is what we have been accustomed to for centuries, but as technology continues to advance rapid changes have begun to shape the future of banking.   These

TiC Is for Influencers

  Did you know TiC is a bank for influencers? But first, let’s take a step back as to what an influencer really is. An influencer is an individual or

TiC Travel Makes Traveling Easy for You!

  We are sure all of you TiCsters love to to see the world! With TiC, travelling has never been easier! All TiCsters will be able to use TiC travel

4 Travel Destinations You Should Visit Right Now!

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How mobile banking can save you time & money

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5 reasons you should have a virtual credit card

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Deposit Money & Win 50€!

We are excited to announce that you are now able to deposit money to your TiC account and to celebrate we have a special giveaway!

Next Generation Banking

The banking world is evolving quickly and moving towards online platforms to fit the modern life.