The Evolution of Traditional Banking

The Evolution of Traditional Banking


Traditional banking is what we have been accustomed to for centuries, but as technology continues to advance rapid changes have begun to shape the future of banking.

These are 3 ways that TiC is different from traditional banks:

Value of time

As we continue to ascend in this decade there are many changes taking place, not only in technology and fashion but in the most important part of everyday life banking. Everyone can relate to standing in long queues and having a difficult time trying to open a bank account with endless paperwork. It is frustrating and old fashioned. As the saying goes, time is money and at TiC we value your time.


Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, is the innovation of changing traditional methods of financial services into new, convenient and improved services using technology. Influencers feel the support of FinTech more than anyone else.  TiC provides influencers with everything they can’t get from traditional banking, e.g digital financial solutions, online services and various others. No more infinite paperwork and monotonous queues because TiC puts you first.

Innovative Solutions

The trend toward digitalization and technological innovation will defiantly restructure the international financial sector and how financial companies interact with their clientele. The spread of new demographics, smartphones, and the growth of fintech provider’s traditional banking is sure to fade out if changes are not made to keep up with the evolution of financial technology.  TiC is a driving force in this by increasing the development of innovative solutions that address customer needs by increasing swiftness and accessibility. Customer expectations concerning financial services are growing, and banks that are using traditional business models will have a hard time trying to handle different parts of the value chain, but not TiC because we are the way forward.

What are your thoughts on the revolution of FinTech and the evolution of traditional banking? If you want to keep up to date with TiC news, make sure to keep an eye on our blog!


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